Discover the details of motorcycle servicing and how it cares for your bike long-term.

You’ve bought a gorgeous new motorcycle, but while you’re enjoying it, your attention should also be focused on getting it serviced regularly. After all, maintenance can be the difference between uninterrupted riding and getting stranded on the roadside.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive deep into the intricate details of motorcycle servicing at Cradley Kawasaki. Ever wondered what's covered in a full motorcycle service? Curious about how servicing impacts the performance and health of your bike? Or maybe you're wondering about the ideal frequency for those crucial check-ups? We answer these questions and more to ensure you're well-informed and your motorcycle stays in pristine condition.

What is Included in a Full Motorcycle Service?

Every workshop or garage has a slight variation on what is included in a full service, but at Cradley Kawasaki, our expertly-trained technicians go through the below process to service a motorcycle.

  • Firstly, the motorcycle undergoes an oil change and a top-up of coolant. Other engine checks include changing over several wearable engine parts to newer editions where necessary, including an oil filter, air filter and spark plugs.

  • After the initial oil and engine checks, the motorcycle's chassis and braking system are meticulously inspected. We remove the brake calipers to give them a thorough cleaning, and the brake pistons are carefully degreased. The hydraulic brake fluid system undergoes rigorous checks, and based on its condition, we either top it up or replace it entirely.

  • All control cables, along with the levers and pivots for the throttle, clutch, and brakes, are cleaned and properly lubricated. Necessary adjustments to the throttle and clutch are performed to guarantee smooth operations, and also we ensure the battery's electrolyte level is sufficient, topping up when required.

  • Further on, we examine both the front fork and rear suspension to check their operational status, giving due attention to all fasteners, including those for engine mounting and the chassis. When necessary, we also adjust components such as wheel bearings, tire pressure, chain, fuel hose, main stand, side stand and headlights.

  • Finally, the motorbike is subjected to a road test to check that the final serviced machine is in full working condition.

At Cradley Kawasaki, our servicing procedure is undertaken with high-tech diagnostic equipment managed by specialised technicians. For more information about how we service your bike, take a look at our workshop page.

What Effect Does Servicing Have On Your Motorcycle?

Regular motorcycle servicing will allow mechanics to spot and address problems sooner rather than later. After a service, your motorcycle will see an improved performance if parts are repaired, and over time, your motorcycle’s life span will increase, meaning you can put more miles on the tarmac or sell it for a higher value if the time comes to move on from your motorcycle.

How Often Should You Service Your Motorcycle?

At the bare minimum, we recommend servicing should occur once a year to maintain your motorcycle’s health. Coming in for lighter, more regular services (every six months, for example) will put your bike in even better condition. With the Kawasaki K-Care plan, you can tailor your servicing routine to make the most out of your Kawasaki ownership experience.

It is worth noting that in the UK, motorcycles are required to be serviced as part of an MOT test every year after they turn three years old. But for motorbike enthusiasts who really love their motorbike, taking it in more than this is not only an option but a necessity.

The Kawasaki K-Care Service Plan

For Kawasaki bike owners, there is a comprehensive way to guarantee regular servicing with quality aftercare. As a reputable Kawasaki dealership and workshop, Cradley Kawasaki offers the K-Care Service Plan which allows owners to tailor and benefit from additional servicing for their bikes after their warranty finishes. We create a plan that is tailored to your model and projected mileage so you can get the right amount of Kawasaki servicing for your ownership requirements.

For a monthly fee, you get access to our top-calibre Kawasaki-trained technicians and genuine Kawasaki parts, not only for your scheduled services but whenever you need them for emergencies too. To learn more about the Kawasaki K-Care service plan, visit this page.

Looking to upgrade or switch to a Kawasaki motorcycle? Few dealerships have the illustrious relationship with the brand in the UK as Cradley Kawasaki. We’re an official Kawasaki dealership, supplier and servicer based in Cradley Heath, Birmingham and have been this way for five decades, making us one of the oldest Kawasaki-approved motorbike shops in the UK. Even after all that time, we’re still at the front of the pack when it comes to providing new and used models and caring for them after purchase. Enter the world of Kawasaki by reaching out to us with either a general enquiry, reserving a bike, setting up a part exchange or booking a test drive.


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